Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fashion Meets Disney...!!!

I saw this spread couple weeks ago but I forgot to post about it until today when I was browsing something and I came across it again. This was a spread in Elle Spain April 2010 issue and it was called La Moda Animada. This spread is a cartoon interpretation of the fashion industry, in which John Galliano does a lot of chest puffing and Karl Lagerfeld is the big bad wolf and features other top designers as beloved Disney characters. This spread is so brilliant, I love it!! Ulrich Schröder has taken classic Disney Characters and given them a Fashion Designer makeover. Let's check out the pictures....

Aren't they so cute? It's like my two favorite things mixed together: Disney and Fashion. 



Chanel Craves said...

Awww that editorial is tooo Cute!

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