Friday, April 30, 2010

My Love for Louboutin....!!!

Christian Louboutin's Fall/winter 2010/2011 collection is amazing. The set that they created truly conveys the message of the title Contes d'hiver (Winter Tales), the setting is flawless and everything looks like it's from some kind of a shoe fairytale. I really love how none of the shoes in the Louboutin collection are not at all seen on mannequins. Like all the other collections, I love the shoes in this one too. The love that I have for Louboutins is undying. This is my favorite shoe brand and I prefer to wear them everywhere. So let's take a looksie at the shoes.. :)

(photo courtesy of

Set design: Bernard Peault, Alain Allenne, Romain Martenet and Brice Martenet // LB Studio

I absolutely love them...What do you guys think? Love them or Shove them??


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Parker Power...!!!

"How the little girl from Ohio turned her career into a juggernaut, learned about Fashion, launched perfumes, became president of a design house - and grew her family along the way." - Vogue US

I am pretty excited about SATC 2 coming out in May, and with the movie releasing I was not at all surprised to see Sarah Jessica Parker on the cover of May's Vogue. Just couple months ago she was on the cover of Elle Dec 09 when her movie with Hugh Grant came out, who btw I think is a hottie..LOL. I absolutely adore SJP and if you haven't already watched that movie yet, I would recommend you watch it. It's pretty funny. But back to SJP I love Sex and the city, in fact I love it so much that I bought all the DVDs and watch them from time to time. I love Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte and they are among my favorite women in the world. Sarah Jessica Parker is a fashion inspiration to girls and women all over the world. Her style in SATC (show and movie) was amazing. Each and every pair of Manolos, Choos and Louboutins were so pretty I wish I could get them all. She is a true style icon. It seems like just yesterday they released the SATC movie and now they are out with the second one too. There has been word going around that they will probably make SATC 3 too but it's not official yet. This post is for all the SJP and SATC fans, so let's take a looksie at her pictures from Vogue's editorial. 

(photo courtesy of Vogue)

Don't you guys love the dresses in all the pics? I know I do....


Friday, April 23, 2010

Links à la Mode

For those of you who are the member of International Fashion Bloggers, you already know what Links à la Mode is...and there was a fabulous round-up of links in the forum as well, all worthy of a look!
[Note from Jennine] Oh, and if you're looking for something to do this summer... IFB  is looking for interns!
Links à la Mode : April 15th
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Americans in Paris.....!!!!

I am always late in posting the spreads but I guess in a way its kinda good because that way I am not doing the same thing as everyone else is doing. Also, I recently bought this month's magazines and there are a few editorials which I absolutely love and this is one of them...I usually just write posts about one or tow of my favorites but this time I am gonna write about all the wonderful ones. This editorial features Daria Werbowy and it's photographed by Mario Testino. Let's check it out, shall we?

The style is sporty and formal yet very chic and sophisticated. The Bags used in them are all my favorite; Chanel, Gucci, Fendi,  Hermes...aaahhh I wish I could get all of them. But may be some day. Until then I am just gonna look at the pics and be envious...LOL.

What do you guys think of this? 


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Spring Trends in Eye Wear....???

Who would have thought that the glasses have trends too? I use the same glasses every year and every season. I never thought about the trend in sunglasses and other eye wear..LOL..I am sorry I am being like a total Fashion Spaz but I don't know why I never thought about the eyewear trends. Or may be because I live at the place where I hardly see the sun. No offense to anybody but personally I just don't like the idea of spending couple hundred bucks on just a pair of expensive, brand name eye wear and that's why I have a few cheap glasses that I wear the whole time. But anyways let's get to the point here, I keep on reading spreads in every magazine about these different trends in eye wear so I thought who not do a post about it. There are 4 trends I recently discovered that I wanna talk about.

In mood for Honey? I think these glasses are pretty adorable. Honey Colored glasses with brown frames. I am a big fan of big sunglasses although most of them don't look good on me since I have a small and round face but I buy them anyways. I really like most of these glasses. 

Don't know what to say...for me they are a no...

They do remind me of fruit jellies...with the cute colors and all. I "double heart" the soft pink glasses. I used to own a pair when I first came to America and I bought it from back home, they were so expensive and when I came here, they broke somehow...I was so sad. But now that they are back in fashion, I will get a pair..

There was a time few years ago I remember that black frames were in fashion and then they suddenly disappeared. I once saw a movie where the actress wore black framed glasses kinda like the Vintage ones and I always wanted those kinda glasses. I guess I now have an excuse to get them.

Do you guys have anything else to add to this, please don't hesitate... :)


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

To Brave or Not To Brave...

 (Photo Courtesy of Vogue)

Our biggest question this season is to brave or not to brave the bra tops. The bra tops are not only an underwear anymore but they are a part of the new Spring outerwear trend. The bra tops took so many forms on the catwalk ranging from a sleek evening look with high waisted trousers at Richard Nicoll, to the lingerie based styles at Dior, and the sportswear inspired styles at Balenciaga. It was Madonna who first made them as outerwear with a 50s style Jean Paul Gaultier basque for her blond ambition tour and they are still a perfect stage wear. (Lady Gaga's rubber version and a pencil skirt).

The bra tops can be included in our daily wear by making them a part of our outfit and not just a sultry item. They can be worn underneath cardigans and biker Jackets.(Style tip: Wear under a crisp shirt or over a simple t-shirt). However, you chose to wear bra top, less is always more.

What do you guys think? Should they be worn as an outerwear??


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Freja Beha Erichsen in 'Cyber Tribe'

Futuristic  with a touch of tribal... It's an evolution in of itself, and one which Freja Beha Erichsen carries off particularly well; and with a distinct softness that's surprising given both her oft-fierce androgyny and the boldness of the outfits. Alexander McQueen is, of course, represented with his reptilian dresses; Balenciaga's toe-less booties are futuristic in feel; while Versace's printed boy short bodysuit is perfectly in place in the future-tribal themed shoot.

(Photo Courtesy of Vogue)

Hope you guys enjoyed my boring post :P

Have a Great weekend guys. 

Friday, April 16, 2010

Hot 'N Cold

I looked at the nail colors and the colors were considered either the hot ones or the cold ones and it reminded me of the by Katy Perry. I love that song and that's why I decided to name the post that. Sorry for not being original but when it comes to titles, it takes me awfully long time to think of one because I want it to be catchy. But I don't think this one that catchy, although I hope that the picture I am going to put here will grab your attention. This Spring, just like all the other thing, nail polishes have their own trends too and why shouldn't they after all they are a part off Fashion too right? This season's nail colors are classified as the hots and the colds. The hots are the scorchingly bright pinks and purples and the colds are the ice-cool greens and aqua blues. The colors shows in the picture below are amazing. I love the Hot ones because they are so bright and they would for sure give a summer look.

(Photo Courtesy of Vogue)

What do you guys think? Pretty or not?


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pirouette into summer!!!!

This was a spread in April's British Vogue. It was all about the girl-y styles this spring that contains ruffles, flounces and lace in soft pastels. This collection is all about the prettiness in pink with bows as a party of accessories that makes you look like a little girl and that's what the designers were opting for. So let's join the girl-y celebration and look at the style. 

(Photo courtesy of Vogue)
Love the sandals with ruffles on them and the gloves. Oh so pretty!!

The contrast between bright green and the soft colors gives an amazing pop to the outfit. 

This reminds me of Alice in Wonderland. (may be it's the golden headband) 

Love the necklace... :)

This is my favorite..

The Top is many ruffles, I heart them <3

Pretty Gauntlets!! I should get me a pair too...

Isn't everything so pretty and girlish? I really love the soft colors. I never thought they would look so amazing. Do you guys like them?


Zac Posen for Target

Zac Posen is a great designer and his work is so amazing. Target once again brings a designer collection for affordable price. The collection is entirely designed by Zac Posen for fashionable people like us (LOL). It contains various floral dresses and some retro swim suits, very vintage and chic. The collection comes out in Target on April 25th. I can't wait to get my hands on some of those amazing pieces. Check 'em out. 

(Photo Courtesy of Target)
I never thought wearing socks would look this good. 

Love the Dresses and the red ankle socks paired with them.

The red dress on the far left is so pretty. :)

Don't miss the amazing collection guys. Go get them on the first day before they sell out. It happened to me when Anna Sui collection came out, I forgot to go to Target and by the time I went there all the things were gone but I don't regret it because Anna Sui's Gossip Girl collection was horrible...

So what do you guys think? Would you give it a try or not?


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