Saturday, September 3, 2011

I should have been born in the old days :P

Darn, no post in a really long time and I haven't replied to any of the comments back either, I realy need to do that for schedule is so crazy plus I am officially also kind of like the manager for my friend who is a photographer, I posted the link few weeks ago for his facebook page. Well he has a website now and I was making him a blog yesterday because I know he is too lazy and he won't do anything, and I also found him 3 clients already which is good for him. I get free pictures instead of commission from him so it works

But anyways, so after that whole post about the vintage fashion I did last night, I searched the archives of Life magazine to see if I find something interesting like that again. And I did, I did..!!! It was a post of Vintage Yves Saint Laurent fashion from the 60s and 70s. You can check out the post here, the stupid thing won't let me use the pictures even if I use the link to post them :( *tear*. But I can share some other pictures I found. These vintage pictures amuse me for some weird reason :P

Aren't these pictures so great? I was watching VMAs the other day and so many people were wearing YSL, it reminded me that there is this post I have to do :P Anyhoo, this is it for now, I will get back to work, I still got 3 more hours to go and I can't wait to go home. Hopefully you girls are having a relaxing weekend. Take care ladies, until next time.

Chocolate cupcakes & awesome shoes,

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

High School Fashion 1969

Hope all you ladies are doing great. I haven't been able to blog in a week because I had been working night shifts and by the time I get home I am just so tired and not in a mood to write. But I am back to my regular schedule and hours today so I will have plenty of time to write. One more thing before I start blabbering about today's post, I started P90X yesterday. I have heard a lootttt of good things about it and I wanna see if I can lose some of the belly fat I have. I am not fat or anything in fact I weigh like 91 lbs which is good since I am like 5 feet tall but I do wanna get rid of the belly fat. I did used to be like 120 something which made me look not skinny (I don't know why but I hate using the word fat :P ). So I started it yesterday, planning on toning my abs and I have been dieting and running for a while so that part is covered. The girl from the new Transformers movie, what's her name? Rosie something right?? yea she is my motivation. Every time I see her I think to myself "Damn I want that body" that's what I was thinking when I was watching the movie and also the car she drives in the movie :P So ya wish me luck and hopefully I can look like her only I ll be a little more Indian instead of White :P My husband gets so proud of me when i work out, hehe because he is big into being fit and all. Too bad though he won't be here for me to show him my progress, he leaves for Iraq in like 20 days *tears* 

Anyways, I found these pictures that were taken for Life magazine and old I am thinking. Let's see them pictures first: 

Because of the whole Vintage- Era going on on my blog, I thought this would be the best time to share these pictures :P. Some outfits I adore but some I would not even dare wearing it not because they look ugly or something but I don't think I can pull them off. What do you think about the fashion? 

Have an awesome week ahead,

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Monday, August 15, 2011

Midi-val Times... get it?? hehe!!!

I read in a lot of magazines this season that the midi skirts with flares are coming back..well I mean we would have guessed that since the whole vintage fashion is back. You know what so funny, I saw somewhere last week that the wide legged pants are back in trend too and so I called my mom because she was in college when those were so in fashion and I have seen pictures of her in them..(my mom was a good looking woman..I don't know what happened :P lol nahh just kidding, she is 53 almost now but she doesn't look like she is that old, which is good I guess because may be I won't look old either. But considering that I am only 5 feet tall I am pretty sure I am getting carded every where for the rest of my life :P) So ya I called her and I told her," I wish you would have saved them so now I wouldn't have to go out and buy new ones" and she started laughing, she said she can't believe they are back in style and when she was in college she used to make her own pants because she didn't have money to go out and buy them. It's weird for me because me and my parents we grew up having very little money and we struggled a lot and now when I have enough money to spend and splurge I feel guilty, kind of. That's why I try to give things to my parents as much as I can because I don't want them to feel like I don't do anything for them. Indian parents are weird that way, they won't expect things from you but it's your duty to "serve" them when they get old because they brought you into this world and raised you and all that...I can go on and on about this all day long, so may be some other time.. hehe..

I miss my mommy :(
Anyways, what was I saying?!?!?! Oh, yess, the midi skirts...I am glad that people will be showing less skin now, Everyone wears mini skirts a lot, granted I wear them too but you gotta agree there is something just "magical"(couldn't find a better word lol) about the vintage fashion...raise your hands if you agree with me, not like I can see them but you can write in your comment *raised hand* lol. It automatically takes you back in the day, the memories of actresses and old films and they are all rules by midi skirts and flares. I used to wear them all the time as a kid too, even when they were out of style I'd still wear them (see, not very fashionable back in the day). People say that midis look lot better on tall girls, so what about short people like me? Hence I am going to share some tips I read somewhere on "How to wear a midi skirt". Check it out. :)

1) A skirt with texture and volume is easy. Taller girls can go as low as ankles but shorter girls should keep it just below the knee length.

2) Fitted midi skirts look great, pair them with a loose cropped top that ends at your waist. Shorter girls keep it above the calves.

3) Brightly colored skirts should be paired with duller tones.

4) Accessorize lightly with a long necklaces or statement rings and add a hat or a pair of big sunglasses. 

Here are some inspirations from fellow bloggers...

Let me know what you guys think about midis and if you have any outfit posts with them, I would definitely love to check it out and get some inspiration. 

I also want to add that I am on my 96th follower now yay! and I am so excited that I made it this far and I am really appreciative of you girls who follow me and leave me sweet comments. They mean a lot to me. Thanks a lot for that and I want to have a giveaway when I reach my 100 followers. Until then, take care ladies. Have a good week and thanks once again for the support.

Chocolate cupcakes & awesome shoes,

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Crocs don't rock!!

Let me tell you something, I know I have seen kids wear crocs at the daycare I used to work at but I didn't know they made them for adults until I moved to GA and I was in the mall walking around and I passed a crocs husband said "now this is something I would never wear" and I said "eww I wouldn't either" first of all they look ugly and they smell "ugly" too lol...Anybody out there who wears crocs I am not trying to offend them(hopefully there aren't in the fashion world :P) but I mean come on..there are other comfortable shoes that don't look or smell like crocs. The worst part is they come in different colors which makes them look even more horrible :P When I was searching to find a picture that would best fit my "eww" description of crocs, I also found this: 10 reasons you gotta have em. Lets look at em, shall we?

1. nothing is softer or more comfortable - like i said yess there are shoes out there
2. hardly there (less than 6 ounces) - OK well I think i would much rather wear flip flops if its about the weight
3. air ventilation ports keep your feet cool and comfy - again there is something called sandals.
4. non-marking soles
5. resistant to bacteria and odor to keep your friends happy - the odor that it comes with is not going to make anyone happy I guarantee
6. ultra hip Italian styling with molded foot support - yes, the style is definitely "Ultra Hip" gotta be kidding me..
7. slip resistant - I don't think I have ever slipped while wearing any of my flats :P
8. can be sterilized in water and bleach (if you step in nasty stuff) - yes, because I step in nasty stuff a lot and also I wanna sit at home n try to clean the crap with bleach..
9. easy to maintain ( no need for shoe shine man) - I don't ever remember using a "shoe shine man" for any of my shoes except when I was in school...even then water did the trick and it still does.
10. water and sand pass easily through vents (so go ahead, cross that river) - I am probably never going to cross a river, but if I was to cross it, I think I will wear flip flops...amazing creation flip flops are, you don't really need "CROCS"

To me, they are a rubber nightmare and I wouldn't be seen dead in them. They are a big fashion sin. Crocs were #6 on the "Worst" list of Maxim's "The Best & Worst Things To Happen To Men In 2007." I asked a friend what he thought about them and these were his exact words.."I think they are the most god ugly shoes on earth! Cannot stand them.I just cant believe they're as popular as they are. It's like WTF are you thinking" Nowadays, they have like ladies fashion crocs, those are still too ugly...I just don't have words to describe the extent to which i despise them so I will let someone else do the job for me...This is the best explanation I have found and it's by a guy...check it out here. Just read the crocs part and ignore everything else. So ladies, please don't wear them and please don't let others wear them either.. :P

Hope you guys are having an amazing weekend. Take care, until next time.

Chocolate cupcakes & awesome shoes,

Friday, August 12, 2011

Gloomy Day Solution!!

I didn't do a post yesterday because I wasn't feeling too happy and sunny. I have these kinds of days sometimes, it's mostly because of an argument with someone or homesickness since I haven't seen my family in almost 3 and half years now. But anyways, so I use this thing called stumble-upon and basically what it does is shows you a random website based on your likeness and if you click the like button on the toolbar it will show you a similar website. I am pretty sure a lot of you have used it or at least heard about it. It's surprising how many people use stumble . So I started using that 2 years ago and I got hooked...It's perfect for me because my work is so boring, I basically just sit all day and have nothing to do. Yesterday I was stumbling and I landed on a website that had a post that said "33 movies to watch when you are sad". It was a perfect day for me to have found that post. So here I am going to share some with you guys just in case anyone of you have days like me every once in a while..

1. 10 things I hate about you.

I can't tell you how much I like this movie and adore Heath Ledger. He was a good looking guy :( 

2. 500 Days of Summer

This movie is so cute :) I love Zoey Deschanel, she is really pretty and somehow I also always confuse her with Katy also remember when I watched the movie when it came out, I got out of the theater and my dad called me from India and he asked me what movie I was watching and I said 500 days of summer and he goes, "Well a year only has 365 days, how did they count 500 days of summer" I am like dad, the girls name is summer and that is exactly what I thought when I first heard of the movie dad is so silly <3 But, anyways if you haven't seen it, you should.. :D

3. Bring it on!

Holy crap, I have seen all the bring it on movies and I love them. I would watch them over and over again and I actually do. They are so "high school" and it fascinates me because I never went to a high school in America therefore I never had the cheer leader experience or the prom or the homecoming..and that makes me sad :'( But these movies make me happy..

4. The Devil Wears Prada.

OMG!! This should have been number 1 on that list for me. I can never get tired of it and every time I watch this movie I wanna be an editor in fashion outfits are amazing and I fall in love with them all over again every time. Plus, I love Anne Hathaway.

5. The Clique

Now, I know this is a teen movie and the teen books but if you like drama then you will love them. I am a bitchy mean girl sometimes hehe so I kinda relate myself to them. :P But I have read all the books and I love the detailed description of the outfits and in my head they look pretty I wish they would make movies out of the other books too. Tyra Banks needs to get to it soon :P

6. Legally Blonde

This movie always cheers me up. There was a time in my life when I saw this movie literally everyday for like 2 months I think. I love it so much that I remember it with dialogues..haha

7. Sex and the City

Now this movie everyone has seen :D I am not even going to say anything about it :D 

8. Dostana

Ok, I don't know how many of you like to watch foreign movies, but this is my "feel good" movie. It's an Indian movie and I would suggest you watch it if you don't mind reading subtitles. They have it on netflix. It's a movie about 2 guys who desperately want to rent this apartment but they can't because the landlady wants only girls to live there since her niece is going to be staying there too alone, so these 2 guys pretend to be gay but then the real problem begins when they find out that the girl is extremely hot and they both want to date her. It's really funny and all the white friends have watched it and they liked it. Even my husband who doesn't like watching any Indian movies loves this movie :D 

There is my list of feel good movies. There are other movies on that person's page, if you wanna check them out here. Hope this will help you make your gloomy days better. :) 

Take Care ladies, until next time.


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I have a "substace abuse" problem...I like expensive footwear..!! :D

This up there was probably my most favorite dialogue of Sex and the City. Anybody who ever watched the show have for sure heard about the designer Manolo Blahnik or even if you haven't watched the show I know every one of you know because I mean come on we are all fashion bloggers. I fell in love with his designs when I saw the first SATC movie and the blue shoes that Carrie wears when she is getting married in the end and OMG the day I received them in the mail was probably the best day of my only wore them once because I am so afraid of ruining them..haha..

My lover!!! :D
My favorite past time besides going to the mall is visiting Barnes n Noble. Me and my husband go there a lot, just sit there, have coffee and chat and read. So yesterday I was there and I was going through books and I found this book called "Manolo Blahnik Drawings". I found it really interesting because it had a whole lot of designs by Blahnik...SHOE DESIGNS..and whenever I see shoes I just can't stop myself, I get really psyched..haha..that happened to me the other day at the Bebe store too but I just didn't want to spend money to buy shoes, I did buy a pair yesterday :P. Anyways, I am sure I am not the only one out there who likes Manolos. There were couple others in the show that I thought were really pretty but I just can't seem to find it and I don't even remember what episode it was *tear*. I think I am gonna have to go back and watch all of them again, YAY fun!!. I just wanted to share with you some of the interesting designs because they amuse me. :)

Let me know if you have any interesting insights to share about this particular topic. Have a good day ladies, until next time. 


Monday, August 8, 2011

Blame it on the Romans?!?! :/

 I was thinking today about what to write for a post because I didn't feel like posting pictures of just some article and be done with it so I asked a friend of mine about what I should write...and he gave me the idea for this. He thinks that guys who wears socks with sandals is just gross. I kinda agree with it. This right here is my favorite Fashion Faux Pas and was rated number 2 in the fashion sins that men commit and wearing socks with sandals goes back to the Romans? I am not so sure about that one, I just read it somewhere. May be its just me but I hate it when my husband goes out with me to the mall or wherever in his flip flops or his work out gear. He did it once and I got pissed (this was back when we were dating) and he asked me what was wrong with that and I said, "what would you think if I came to the mall in my sweat pants?" and he said "I won't go with you" and I said "that right there is exactly what's wrong with you wearing work out gear to the mall"...So wearing socks with sandals or flip flops is a big NO NO according to me...granted I do wear socks with flip flops but that's only when I am sitting behind my desk and I know I am not going to have any work to do. Besides that I have never ever done that. But it's different for women, the trend of socks with sandals for women is "IN" right now, you see models wearing them on runway shows and they look better when paired with a decent looking pair of heels..and plus women just know better lol so they would know how to pair socks and sandals properly and they won't be bad looking wooly socks from good ol' grandma days either but for men I am just not sure...First of all I don't think sandals look good on guys and then pair them with socks is just plain ugly. There was a time when I used to think sandals on guys were ok but it was also when I was back in India and I had no sense of style and didn't know squat about fashion :P I don't get what's the point of sandals with socks though, you wear sandals because it's hot outside but then you also wear socks with it?? I have seen guys wearing hideous looking socks with sandals kind of like these...

What the heck was he thinking??

 I don't know how many male readers I have but if any man is reading this, please DON'T DO IT!!!! It's not attractive. And girls please don't let your guys do that either :D So that's all for right...

Have a good day ladies, until next time...


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