Here is a list of all the stores that I usually buy my makeup  from. I haven’t added all of them but I will add more soon and I will also make another list of all the online retailers where I buy the designer clothes for cheap.

Brand Stores:

Professional and theatrical Makeup brands such as Kryolan, Ben Nye, Mehron etc.:

Professional Makeup artist suppliers:


False Eyelashes:

Discounted makeup

Generic makeup, palettes, raw ingredients:

Traincases, Brushes, Kit Tools:

Hair tools and products and also some makeup:

Nail polish and nail products:*nails/

I would like you guys to know that I some of these websites I haven’t really shopped at so I can’t say anything about them. Also, some people have also said that they have had bad experiences with some of the websites and I haven’t had any such bad experiences so when you online shop please make sure you have enough information about the website because in the end it’s the buyer’s responsibility and not the people who recommended the sites. Also, some of the retailers have local websites depending on where you live and some of them might not ship everywhere.
Thanks a lot for reading and please let me know if you have any additional Questions.

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