Saturday, July 30, 2011

I plan on being back!!

Wow I have been so out of the blogging world, it feels weird...But I really plan on being back now. Hopefully some people missed me..hehe....A lot has happened to me since October 20th..since I had my last post. I got married, it happened all pretty quick but he is an amazing man and I am really glad to have him in my life...

 The "I do" pic :o)

We got married in a court house, saved money since we didn't have it :P We also got a cute little puppy, he is 5 months old now and we named him Alfie...He is the cutest thing I have ever seen (well all pet owners say the same thing about their pets :P) but no he seriously is...He is a handful though but we love him...

I call him my little monster :D

So ya, that is what's been up with me??? I hope all you girls out there that I follow and who follow me are having a good time and enjoying the summer..For some of you, the school is almost about to stinks I know but I sometimes wish I was still in college....hopefully next year I ll be able to finish where I left off...Well, I just wanted to say hi today. I haven't decided yet what I wanna write so I will think about it tonight and have something tomorrow....and I hope I keep getting all of ya'lls love. Have a good weekend ladies...Later :o)

-Zi (darn, I also need a new signature hehe)

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