Friday, April 30, 2010

My Love for Louboutin....!!!

Christian Louboutin's Fall/winter 2010/2011 collection is amazing. The set that they created truly conveys the message of the title Contes d'hiver (Winter Tales), the setting is flawless and everything looks like it's from some kind of a shoe fairytale. I really love how none of the shoes in the Louboutin collection are not at all seen on mannequins. Like all the other collections, I love the shoes in this one too. The love that I have for Louboutins is undying. This is my favorite shoe brand and I prefer to wear them everywhere. So let's take a looksie at the shoes.. :)

(photo courtesy of

Set design: Bernard Peault, Alain Allenne, Romain Martenet and Brice Martenet // LB Studio

I absolutely love them...What do you guys think? Love them or Shove them??



Neekoh said...

These pictures truly do speak volumes. You don't need a story to go along with them!

Live Love LA

bollywoodstylediaries said...

love, love, love!!

Kimberellie said...

LOVE them. Times ten. BEAUTIFUL. I wish more ads where like these!

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