Sunday, April 4, 2010

Kid's Choice Awards 2010

The 23rd Annual kid's choice awards aired on March 27th. I didn't watch it and if I could have been able to I wouldn't have coz Miley Cyrus is getting too annoying for me (no offense to Miley's fans) I just think that it's about time they stop talking about her. I don't like her songs either but for some reason they always happen to get stuck in my head; although somehow she did manage to get the award for fav movie actress(I was very surprised)...But anyways I m not gonna go into the whole awards ceremony because it's a long list of winners and nominees in which I am not so much interested in since I am not a teen anymore LOL, So let's just take a look at the Fashion Part, Shall we?...

Rihanna went for one of the hottest trends this spring, neutral & shades of pale, in her nude peachy color Christian Dior  chevron print dress from Spring/Summer 2010. I like the two-tone hair..

Tyra Banks in Daryl K..isn't she so pretty?? Love the yellow bag, such a popping color... :)

iCarly star Miaranda Cosgrove in a berry color dress by Cristian Siriano and Loboutin sling-backs. I can't believe how many celebrities are wearing Louboutins these days. Love them :)

Rosario Dawson in white in Tommy Hilfiger.

 Selena Gomez in Christian Cota. She won the favorite TV actress award. When they asked her whose style she admired the most, she said," I like how fun Katy Perry is. Everything she does is fun but serious at the same time." I don't think she is that great but I really liked her work in "Another Cinderella Story." I saw that movie so many times and I love the soundtracks. 

Katy Perry went for the amazing blue & purple strapless metallic embellished dress from The Blonds Fall/Winter 2010 collection.

Zoe Saldana in skinny jeans & Isabel Marant jacket. 

I love all the dresses, they were pretty great. What do you guys think?

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Fashion Cappuccino said...

What a great post! I only saw the last part of the ceremony though but I really like what most celebrities wore! Rhianna was my favorite! I'll add you to my blog links right now! Your blog layout is really amazing! I love it! xoxoxoxoxooxo

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coolboy said...

beautiful women, beauiful outfits

Holly said...

My kids watched that show...I have no idea who won anything,like you...just checking out the fashion. The all look great, but I have to say Tyra rocked it.
504 Main

Mary Lee said...

all of their outfits are horrible except for rihanna's one which is lush. but i don't really think she suits those kinda colours,

English Rose ♥ said...

Zoe looks great

Merci beaucoup for stopping by darling and for following =]

Of course i'll follow you, do you also want to exhange links?

Stay safe and chic ma chérie,
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your blog layout is adorable. i like what some of these girls are wearing, esp. selena's dress. i follow you now; feel free to follow me too.

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What a great post, some great outfits here. I love your blog and I'm now following! Thanks for following me too. :)


(always)alanna said...

zoe saldana looks amazing and the bold shoulders in the first photo? iconic!

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