Friday, April 2, 2010

The Hillary Pantsuits

Hilary Clinton started wearing these pantsuits in 2008 and since then they have been seen on a lot of celebrities. People think that she ruined those for everybody but I don't see that at all. All the celebs are wearing them and some of them look pretty great. I don't get why people dont like it. They look so chic and classy.

Penelope Cruz wore this Bottega Venetta red suit during the London Premier of her movie "Broken Embraces". 

Pixie Geldof at the Harry Porter premier in a shiny pink teddy-girl suit from Sinha Stanic with a sheer black vest. I really love the color and I think this one looks amazing. 

Ashley Greene in Bottega Veneta white visiting David Letterman. (She really killed it by rolling the pants up.)

I didn't know about this one until today but the Glamour magazine also did an article about Hilary's suits in all the colors. Here's a picture...

I have always been a fan of the suits and I think they look great, I really do wanna get one specially the pink one. But the thing is where would I ever wear it except for work or an interview and  I know myself I would definitely not wear hot pink if I am working somewhere. If you guys have any suggestion on where else I can wear them, then please do let me know. Other than that I like them. I think Hillary definitely created a trend, Thank you Hillary :)

What do you guys think of them? Love them or Leave them?



~KS said...

I think for the right occasion, and if done right, they're a win. I think the rainbow montage of Hilary's suits is kinda fun.
And I think Ashley Greene looks great... but I just adore her because of Twilight :)

RoseBarbie said...

I know..I like Ashley because of twilight

Hannah said...

Haha I never realised they could be that fashionable! Thanks for sharing :)

RoseBarbie said...

I know right... :)

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