Thursday, April 1, 2010

Jason Wu Spring 2010 Collection

Jason Wu's Spring 2010 Collection on the Jason Wu's Runway show looked amazing. Black Lipstick, OMG I don't think I can pull that off but it's so gorgeous looking and the outfits paired with those amazing pumps just stole my heart away. His designs are genius; mixing the blushing pink feathers of a strapless number with an electric-lime-green ribbon belt, and violet with candy-apple red on a bustier dress ( made the trends for this Spring and he managed to take Fashion to the next level. The dresses are so beautiful.

I love the Dress on the far right. The sequined silver looks so dazzling and I know I keep saying this but the black pumps are sooooo gorgeous. :)

I love the Ruffles, the flowers and the bright colored stripes. I have always had a thing for flowers on dresses, handbags and shoes too; that's why my favorite part is the flowers. I also love the blue and green striped pumps, after all what is Spring without the bright colors.

I would have thought of wearing black in Spring but the black dress with green belt is very pretty. Now I can wear black with a pop of colors and stop avoiding them. Although it is kinda hard to avoid blacks when your closet is full of them. 

Belted Dresses, How Utterly Remarkable!! I think this is one trend that hasn't left the Fashion Industry since last Spring. People were wearing them last year and they are still wearing them this year. In fact I have a few of them in my wardrobe too.

A couple months ago I saw a dress with a feathered skirt but I could not get it since it was worth $1200, I was very disappointed but then I forgot about it. Seeing this dress with a feathered skirt makes me wanna get one for myself too. I hope I find one that doesn't cost me a fortune. Also, I think white dress is the new little black cute. I am thinking about getting me one too.

I just wish I could get my hands on one of those dresses, I would be happy with no shopping for a couple of months. But I guess that would not work out. Every time I shop I spend a lot of money and then I say to myself that I am not going to shop for a few months but whenever I get sad I feel an urge to shop again..Pathetic, I know :(( 

But anyways, I hope you guys had fun reading it. Thanks for taking your time out and reading my posts. Keep reading for more stuff to come.



Elvie - 1989 Edition said...

Hey thanks for checking out my blog! Yours is great too - and love the template :)

Glam Girl said...

Nice collection!

Jade "Purple" Brown said...

i love this collection!

Makeup Majesty said...

love jason wu! so sexy, i wish the dresses weren't so expensive too =*( thanks for following my blog, i just updated check it out! <3

RoseBarbie said...

I know... :) thanks for the comments

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