Tuesday, April 20, 2010

To Brave or Not To Brave...

 (Photo Courtesy of Vogue)

Our biggest question this season is to brave or not to brave the bra tops. The bra tops are not only an underwear anymore but they are a part of the new Spring outerwear trend. The bra tops took so many forms on the catwalk ranging from a sleek evening look with high waisted trousers at Richard Nicoll, to the lingerie based styles at Dior, and the sportswear inspired styles at Balenciaga. It was Madonna who first made them as outerwear with a 50s style Jean Paul Gaultier basque for her blond ambition tour and they are still a perfect stage wear. (Lady Gaga's rubber version and a pencil skirt).

The bra tops can be included in our daily wear by making them a part of our outfit and not just a sultry item. They can be worn underneath cardigans and biker Jackets.(Style tip: Wear under a crisp shirt or over a simple t-shirt). However, you chose to wear bra top, less is always more.

What do you guys think? Should they be worn as an outerwear??



Faith Li said...

Hiya! I absolutely ADOOORE the skirt lady gaga is wearing!! I'm putting you on my blogroll. See ya around!

Eve said...

Ha ha ha I would absolutely wear it if I was 10 years younger...but in my thirties with some extra weight...I think I'll just pass it :-)

Lovely post!

Cheers: Evi

RoseBarbie said...

haha...ya but I guess it wouldn't look that bad if you are wearing it under a biker jacket or something :)

Fiamma said...

hmmm I am not sure would I wear it.... it looks pretty indeed but I'm not sure I'm that brave :D



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