Friday, April 16, 2010

Hot 'N Cold

I looked at the nail colors and the colors were considered either the hot ones or the cold ones and it reminded me of the by Katy Perry. I love that song and that's why I decided to name the post that. Sorry for not being original but when it comes to titles, it takes me awfully long time to think of one because I want it to be catchy. But I don't think this one that catchy, although I hope that the picture I am going to put here will grab your attention. This Spring, just like all the other thing, nail polishes have their own trends too and why shouldn't they after all they are a part off Fashion too right? This season's nail colors are classified as the hots and the colds. The hots are the scorchingly bright pinks and purples and the colds are the ice-cool greens and aqua blues. The colors shows in the picture below are amazing. I love the Hot ones because they are so bright and they would for sure give a summer look.

(Photo Courtesy of Vogue)

What do you guys think? Pretty or not?



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