Sunday, April 25, 2010

Parker Power...!!!

"How the little girl from Ohio turned her career into a juggernaut, learned about Fashion, launched perfumes, became president of a design house - and grew her family along the way." - Vogue US

I am pretty excited about SATC 2 coming out in May, and with the movie releasing I was not at all surprised to see Sarah Jessica Parker on the cover of May's Vogue. Just couple months ago she was on the cover of Elle Dec 09 when her movie with Hugh Grant came out, who btw I think is a hottie..LOL. I absolutely adore SJP and if you haven't already watched that movie yet, I would recommend you watch it. It's pretty funny. But back to SJP I love Sex and the city, in fact I love it so much that I bought all the DVDs and watch them from time to time. I love Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte and they are among my favorite women in the world. Sarah Jessica Parker is a fashion inspiration to girls and women all over the world. Her style in SATC (show and movie) was amazing. Each and every pair of Manolos, Choos and Louboutins were so pretty I wish I could get them all. She is a true style icon. It seems like just yesterday they released the SATC movie and now they are out with the second one too. There has been word going around that they will probably make SATC 3 too but it's not official yet. This post is for all the SJP and SATC fans, so let's take a looksie at her pictures from Vogue's editorial. 

(photo courtesy of Vogue)

Don't you guys love the dresses in all the pics? I know I do....



beeble said...

thos photos are fabulous, sjp looks beautiful and i agree i love the dresses (:

Sonia said...

The cover was quite boring i think, but SJP's inside spread was amazing :)

Eri said...

Hi there,

I just came across your blog and I really enjoyed it, it's very cool!

Please have a look at my blog too!

I hope to see you soon.

Sophie@Diary of a Young Designer said...

I adore this editorial and yes the dresses are dreams come true. I got the issue just for her feature. =)


Gracie said...

I LOVE SJP and also cannot wait until SATC 2 comes out! These pics are great :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am following you now also. Let me know if you would like to trade links.


Cocò said...

I love Jessica, she's amazing! I want her body!
I really like your blog, it's so nice! I follow u back! Xoxo

beeble said...

i am following (: thanks for the comment and for following. look forward to your next post!

FashionFreak said...

I don't really like SJP but, here in the photos looks amazingly pretty.
I am following your lovely blog...
Can you please check mine and if you want to and if you like it, follow it back?

cookie said...

she looks fab!


Lola said...

SJP and the other characters on SATC are huge fashion icons. They all have different looks and styles and they are all perfection. I cannot wait until the movie comes out!

heroine temptation said...

SJP is soo amazing!
i really love her and these photos of her look stunning!
nice blog girl keep it up
please look at mine and follow if you wish
xoxo natalia

Faith Li said...


bollywoodstylediaries said...

I love SJP and am soo looking forward to the movie.. I am not sure what I am more excited abt - the clothes or the storyline..btw, Aidan is back in SATC2!!

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

Oh so beautiful, I have to grab that mag! xoxo

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