Friday, August 5, 2011

Pictures of you, pictures of me!!!

I was thinking what I should keep the title of this post and then I remembered I used to be in love with this song "pictures of you"..I can't remember who sings it and I am too lazy to go on youtube and find it right now. Today I want to talk about photography a little, it's not my hobby or anything...I just like posing in front of the camera but by friend/roommate is an amazing photographer. He doesn't do this professionally but he is planning on doing it soon someday and we were talking about him making a blog yesterday. I know he is not going to do it because he is lazier than I am so here I am promoting his work. So you know how I said I just like posing, well here are some of my pics he took..every time he has a camera, I like standing in front of it and taking pictures :P I am sure he gets annoyed by it sometimes but ehhh..he is my friend so I think I get the right to annoy him :P Let's check out the pics alright?? :)

What do you guys think? I love the pictures he takes and a whole lot of my friends do too.. He doesn't have a website or anything but he does have a facebook I know everyone nowadays have facebook so you guys should check the page out and may be like the page (just like it even if you don't like the It would mean a lot to me and I know it would mean a lot to my friend and also may be you can pass on the word to other people. :) This is his page Mosaic Photography, please show some love :)

Thanks a lot for reading even though it wasn't a fashion related post but photography and fashion go hand in hand, right? :) Have a good day ladies, until next time.. :)



SparksandFireworks said...

Fashion and photography defo go hand in hand!

He seems like a good photographer! Great for blog pics ;)


devin olivia said...

love the photos

Nina Morena said...

I really like the second shot, of your shoes :)

Miranda Lee Rogers said...

Thanks for stopping by The Chic Sheet! I love meeting and making new friends through IFB and would love to be followers of each others blog :)


Ps- Thanks for the insipration.

MiMi said...

Hi hun.. Loving these pix you look great =)
Great Blog hun, I'm a new follower =D

MiMi xoxo
Make-up Overdose

jamie-lee said...

his photos are really lovely! will have ot have a look at his website :)

Carrie said...

I like that picture with your neon orange pumps! Too cute.

I just came across your blog today. It's Very LOVELY :]


Erika said...

Your friend should totally go into photography, he has potential and the talent! And you look super gorgeous :) lovely post, lovely photos!

ps thx for commenting on my post, do follow my blog if u haven't already, much much appreciated! I'm following ur lovely blog now~


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