Saturday, August 13, 2011

Crocs don't rock!!

Let me tell you something, I know I have seen kids wear crocs at the daycare I used to work at but I didn't know they made them for adults until I moved to GA and I was in the mall walking around and I passed a crocs husband said "now this is something I would never wear" and I said "eww I wouldn't either" first of all they look ugly and they smell "ugly" too lol...Anybody out there who wears crocs I am not trying to offend them(hopefully there aren't in the fashion world :P) but I mean come on..there are other comfortable shoes that don't look or smell like crocs. The worst part is they come in different colors which makes them look even more horrible :P When I was searching to find a picture that would best fit my "eww" description of crocs, I also found this: 10 reasons you gotta have em. Lets look at em, shall we?

1. nothing is softer or more comfortable - like i said yess there are shoes out there
2. hardly there (less than 6 ounces) - OK well I think i would much rather wear flip flops if its about the weight
3. air ventilation ports keep your feet cool and comfy - again there is something called sandals.
4. non-marking soles
5. resistant to bacteria and odor to keep your friends happy - the odor that it comes with is not going to make anyone happy I guarantee
6. ultra hip Italian styling with molded foot support - yes, the style is definitely "Ultra Hip" gotta be kidding me..
7. slip resistant - I don't think I have ever slipped while wearing any of my flats :P
8. can be sterilized in water and bleach (if you step in nasty stuff) - yes, because I step in nasty stuff a lot and also I wanna sit at home n try to clean the crap with bleach..
9. easy to maintain ( no need for shoe shine man) - I don't ever remember using a "shoe shine man" for any of my shoes except when I was in school...even then water did the trick and it still does.
10. water and sand pass easily through vents (so go ahead, cross that river) - I am probably never going to cross a river, but if I was to cross it, I think I will wear flip flops...amazing creation flip flops are, you don't really need "CROCS"

To me, they are a rubber nightmare and I wouldn't be seen dead in them. They are a big fashion sin. Crocs were #6 on the "Worst" list of Maxim's "The Best & Worst Things To Happen To Men In 2007." I asked a friend what he thought about them and these were his exact words.."I think they are the most god ugly shoes on earth! Cannot stand them.I just cant believe they're as popular as they are. It's like WTF are you thinking" Nowadays, they have like ladies fashion crocs, those are still too ugly...I just don't have words to describe the extent to which i despise them so I will let someone else do the job for me...This is the best explanation I have found and it's by a guy...check it out here. Just read the crocs part and ignore everything else. So ladies, please don't wear them and please don't let others wear them either.. :P

Hope you guys are having an amazing weekend. Take care, until next time.

Chocolate cupcakes & awesome shoes,


Dolls Factory said...

totally agree dear

amenfashion17 said...

Cannot agree more :D

Erika said...

Hehehehe I love this post, I always say the same thing when I walked past....but somehow some people really tried so hard to tell everyone it's comfy (yes I think it is), but /...i duno...i can accept wearing them as house slippers but def not outings lol


Jacqueline said...

hahahah love this! And I so agree with everything you've said. Great post :)

BTL said...

definitely agree.

Check out my blog and follow if you like it (on google connect/bloglovin) :)

TigerLily said...

Oh my God you should see where I live. Here in Indonesia, especially Jakarta crocs are like EVERYWHERE!! It's like a huge trend here (among kids and parents and some people which I don't understand why).

I despised them so much. They look ugly and yes the women style are still ugly looking too, not near fashionable at all. And I always wonder why the heck do people want to wear them and think they're cool when wearing one?! They surely don't look cool at all. And like you said, if the reason they buy crocs is because of the comfy feeling, why don't go buy Dr Scholl? they have a few modern style that looks cute enough and are one of the comfiest sandals too.

Sorry for the blabbers ;)
I just hate them and couldnt stand people wearing them proudly hehe


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