Sunday, August 7, 2011

Crazy in love!!!

First of all, I wanna say thanks to all of you who checked out my friend's pics and liked them...I told him about you guys' comments and he was really happy I did that for him, so happy that he is officially making me his manager. I told him I will even make him a blog if he takes pics for my outfit posts and he agreed to yay to that. I have also decided that on my every post I will put one picture taken by him (a pretty picture of course) to start out the post all nice and here goes today's pic...ohh I also wanna say, sometimes he has the best captions for his pics and I wonder what made him come up with it :P

        Ok, well moving on to more important things now..I went shopping few days ago, didn't buy a whole lot of things just couple tops and necklaces and a bag from F21. I didn't have money in my bank account but I absolutely HAD to shop because the last time I shopped before that was in May and I was dying and I felt like I had nothing in my closet to wear. I love it when I spend very less money and still get a whole lotta things for that price....that makes my day so much better. Like the other day, me and my husband went grocery shopping and to me it looks like we grocery shop a lottttttt and every time we do we spend at least a 100 bucks and we are calorie conscious people so it's not like we buy food like crazy you know but I have no idea how we end up spending that but so that particular day we only spent 18 bucks in Walmart and when we left I told him, "do you realize that this is the least amount of money we have ever spent in Walmart?" and as usual he made a weird face..sometimes they are funny but a lot of the times they just piss me am so glad he doesn't read my blog because I have a feeling he won't like what I write about him :P) 
        But ya back to my story, I have been wanting dog tags and I don't think I have ever mentioned this before but my husband is in the military, when i started dating him I asked him for his and he said he would give 'em to me but he never did..So one day I am watching the show "Army Wives" (I don't know how many of you girls have ever watched the show) and Roxy (one of the wives) is wearing a mini gold dog tag necklace and I fell so much in love with it...I have been searching for them for a while and FINALLY I was in F21 the other day and I found them..they have "dream" written on 'em but will do for now.. :P Here, check them out:

Aren't they so freakin' cute? :P
            But anyways, I was looking on their website because I need to really do some serious accesory shopping and I can't believe the variety of everything they have on there. If I was still living in India, I don't know if I would find half of these things.. :P (oh ya I am an Indian, born and raised and I have only been in US for little more thn 5 years) These necklaces I saw on F21 website, they are for "fashionable" people and you'll see what I mean by fashionable..

A shoe :)
A Perfume bottle :)
See what I mean by "Fashionable" There are lots of other cool stuff that I really want but I will wait...I have a feeling that I am going to win lottery real's what I keep saying to myself. Ohh one more thing, since the 80's and the 90's are coming back, the wide legged pants are so much in style right now and I wanna get them but I don't like the one's they have on Forever21. If you guys come across something, please do let me know and I also have been looking for a long maxi skirt...preferably black or pink!! I would really appreciate it. Well this post is getting to be a little bit longer than I thought so I will wrap it up and talk about other things later. I would like to know if you guys have ideas on how to pair different necklaces together..I have never tried it but I would like to and look good in it too :P 

Have a good Sunday ladies, until next time...



Syrious said...

i'm in love with your first necklacE!!!!
Very cute blog, i'm following you by Google Friends box hope you'll do the same only if you'll like mine :)
sweet italian kisses

Syriously in Fashion
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Margaret said...

lovely necklaces!

Sophia said...

aaah they are cute!!


Erika said...

omg the necklace with the shoe, SUPER CUTE, dun worry I'm sure u will get your lottery soon and u can shop for all fashionable stuff! :)


Carrie said...

Such a cute necklaces! I'm a bit obsessed with them. :D

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