Friday, March 26, 2010

Mascara Reviews

Hey Everyone,
I am going to do a review on these mascaras that I bought from Sephora. It was a sample package, it had 10 different mascaras and they came in little 4.5 g bottle. Some of them are really good but some are just not that great. So lets get started with the review.
Now when you get a mascara you usually want one that can lengthen your lashes, give them volume and hold the curls and so that's what we are gonna be looking for in these ones too.

First I have this Urban Decay Sky Scraper mascara. It comes in this cute little bottle. It has this flexible wand and small bristles. It actually does a pretty good job on the lengthening but it didn't add so much volume to my lashes, and after a while my lashes started drooping down, not such a good job for holding the curve. It's also not a water proof mascara so I don't know if I like that. Also, if you use it with Urban Decay eyelash primer, you can get pretty good lashes.

Number 2 is the bad girl lash mascara from benefit cosmetics and it looks like this. It has a big brush, hope you can see them. I like this one. It lengthens my lashes and also holds the curls, doesn't do a very good job on the volume but it's not bad. Only one this about this one, is that it kinda has a weird smell and I can't decide if it's a good smell or bad...but other than that it's ok.

Number 3 is this Lash DNA mascara from Smashbox. It had this double helix wand and it's supposed to avoid the clumping. It does a pretty good job on everything but my lashes did clump a little bit and we all know that its so hard to remove that if the lashes get stuck to one another. but apart from that a good one to have.

Number 4 is the mascara from Laura Mercier and according to be this is the worst one in batch. It didn't do a good job at all. I had to put a lot of coats until I was satisfied with how my lashes looked but if I am in a rush to go somewhere I don't want to spend more than a minute on my eye lashes. Definitely not worth the price. I don't think I would be buying anymore of that.

Number 5 is this Supernova Fresh Mascara. I really like the bottle, it has this cute swirly design on it with stars on them. This is was one of the good ones. It did a really good job, no clumping or anything. I really like it although it might be a little less on the volume. but it did a perfect job for me. I would definitely recommend this to anybody

Number 6 is Sephora lash stretcher. I am not really a fan of the Sephora products, I bought a bronzer last month and I don't like it so much anymore. But back to the mascara, its not so good. Sephora products are so expensive but some of them are not at all worth paying that high price for. So a no no on that one.

Next is this mascara by Tarte, it's actually more of a lash stain. Its supposed to be really water proof and it's supposed to stay on for 4 days if you don't take it off. Well I don't think anyone is gonna wanna keep their mascara for 4 days straight. I saw a lot of reviews about this one and most of them were not that good. This is more like a liquid y stain and it didn't do anything for me. Instead I messed up my whole eye while putting this on the lashes because it's all liquid y and such. I don't like this one. I would not recommend this.

Now, number 8 is this cargo lash activator. I had never heard about this one until like 2 weeks ago. It has this flexible rubber wand and it's great if you just want to use it to make your lashes look bigger but other than that don't expect anything more from it.

Now the final 2 are the best of the bunch. one of them is hourglass superficial lash. I have always heard really good things about it and I was going to buy it but then I found out they had it in this sample pack. so I thought why not try it and then see if I like it and I really love it. It's amazing, does everything a mascara is supposed to. I would definitely give it a 5 star, worth the price.

The last on is the mascara by Korres. I only have one word for it, GREAT..It make my lashes look so big, I don't think I will ever need to wear falsies again. I don't know about you guys but false lashes make me really uncomfortable and I don't like them that much. This mascara does wonders to my lashes, and they look amazing. I would say, try it and I am sure you will like it.

So that is it for the review guys. I hope you liked it. Keep reading for more stuff to come.

<3 Ruzin


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