Monday, March 22, 2010

Kick Up Your (Louboutin) Heels

Hey Everyone,

I am sorry for not writing anything for a long time, I was actually out for Spring Vacation. I went to Puerto Rico and had an amazing time. So this time I decided to write something about my favorite brand, Christian LouBoutin. I am crazy about the Louboutin shoes an I think they are absolutely amazing and elegant.

I recently bought 2 Christian Louboutin shoes and I am so excited to wear them. Christian Louboutin is one of my favorite brand and I love all the shoes. I already own 2 pair of boots that I bought last year and one of them were thigh highs. They are unbelievably expensive and that's why even though I wish to buy all of them, I can't. I just bought like 2 pairs of them and I don't think I will be buying anymore of those for a year...LOL...although I know that's not gonna work out. I love buying shoes and I know I will end up buying more...It's like every time I go shopping, it leaves a huge hole in my pocket so I have been shopping less now..But ya so back to the shoes, the ones that I bought are C'est Moi Booties in teal and Flower Sandals in Pink..
Here are the pics.

Louboutin C'est Moi in Teal

                                          Louboutin Flower Sandals in Pink

There are also some other amazing Louboutins that came out, like these;

Lets Go D'orsay Pumps:

These Louboutin pumps are a fabulous addition to an already amazing collection of shoes. I love the color combination of Peacock (teal)/gold and amber with embroidery and crystal designs that makes this satin shoe looks so beautiful. It has a 4" heel and I am in love with the shoe.

Jolie Époque wedge:

I am not a big fan of wedge sandals but I think these are amazing. I love them mainly because of their color. I don't wear that many things that has gold in them and I am thinking I will definitely get these ones....someday

Straratata - Brocade:

I liked the old Straratata and I always thought I wanted them but when I saw these ones I fell in love with them. I don't think I love the old ones that much anymore. The style is very elegant with the Moroccan floral design and the color is fabulous. I think i will get these ones first. LOL

People who don't wanna spend the money buy the knock offs. They look exactly the same and they are cheap. I did it once when I was in my freshman year in college and I didn't have a job to pay for stuff. They were same, they come in a Louboutin box and it even says made in Paris...LOL...You can ask me if want a link to the website and they are very cheap around 100 bucks.. :)

Thanks for reading guys and thanks a lot for all your support. Keep reading for more fun stuff.

Have a Good day everyone.

<3 Ruzin


Jade "Purple" Brown said...

I would love to exhange links! your link will be on my blogroll asaap!

have a great day,

Empress said...


Thanks for putting me on, your on my list too. And I LOVE the C'est Moi's so chic!


RoseBarbie said...

Thanks, I love em too :)


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RoseBarbie said...

Thanks :)

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