Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Vintage Marriage...!!!

My GOD, it seems like ages since I last wrote a blog post. I have been so crazy busy with work that I haven't had time. By the time I get done, I am so tired that I go to bed. Only if my schedule improves little bit, which I am hoping it will, I will be able to do more posts. Till then please forgive me if I can't reply to your comments and follow requests. I really appreciate and read all of them, I just haven't had time to reply. But I am planning on doing that this week for sure. And while I was out of the blogging world for like 15 days I missed so many amazing editorials. I am gonna have to catch up to the recent ones soon so that I am not late on the editorial posting again. So I was browsing for something to write about today and I came across this editorial from Vogue US July 2010 featuring model Natalia Vodianova and actor Ewan McGregor. The editorial is so lovely with all the vintage collections and the story line revolves around the Natalia and Ewan trying to work through the troubles of their relationship. The story also gives us a first look at the fall collections with clothing from Dior, Oscar de la Renta, Ralph Lauren and others.Check it out.


You know when it comes to a vintage looking photo shoots my brain automatically shuts off everything else..haha...but I hope you guys liked it. Have a great day.



Sovina said...

Wow1 love all the dresses & u r right the editorial has such a vintage feel to it :)

thanks for following me :)

Nathalie Kartika Putri said...

ahh may be my modem isn't in the best condition so your pict can't be showed. but thanks for your comment
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