Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Alice in Fashionland..!!!

I feel so good right now because after a very long time I am writing posts 2 days in a row..woohoo..I haven't done that in almost 5 months now. I feel productive today and I think I would rather work on my blog then taking a nap...Although I haven't slept more then 3 hours last night. and this is why, I went to a shooting range couple days ago and it was indoors, the ventilation in that place was horrible and I got all the gun smoke in my mouth. So I have this really bad sore throat and my doctor friends seem to think that I might be allergic to smoke, which I think could be true but I still find it funny considering I used to be a smoker.. :P But anyways so I hate feeling like this right now..

So ya I found this editorial, well not found exactly I have had it in my thing for a really long time but since I haven't been blogging much I just didn't get the time to write about it. I am really hating being slow on all the editorials but I think it's a good think because I am pretty sure I am not gonna like the editorials that come out in Fall. Anyways, back to the editorial I was gonna talk about, It's called Alice in Wonderland starring Natalia Vodianova and photographed by Annie Leibovitz. It was featured in Vogue US December 2004 issue. I love Annie's work, outstanding. I think she is my favorites besides Mario Testino and Patrick Demarchelier. I am pretty sure most of you have seen these shots before but still there is nothing wrong in looking at them again if the pictures are pretty right??

I think the pictures are amazing. I like them a lot and part of the reason is because I wish I was a model in a fairytale..haha.. I hope you guys like them too.. 

Have an awesome day ladies...until next time :-)



Francesca said...

hay :) i just saw your post in IFB's new blogger thread so i decided to drop by :) nice blog you have here. have a fabulous day/night!

F. ( xx

Lea said...

Hey, your blog is so nice!
My blog's called L.M (, are you maybe interested in link exchange? I would be very happy :)

Byebye, Lea

Albina said...

really cool photosession!
Natalia Vodyanova looks like she is 15!

Justine Guy said...

This will forever be one of my favorite editorials!

Lizzy said...

Thank you for following back! :) I hope you visit often. Glad I found a hat-lover like me :P Thanks for leaving me a comment too :) I love these pictures, I always love Alice in Wonderland themed photoshoots :)


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